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Good Old Rock n' Roll
That about sums up my taste in music. Late 50's, 60's, early 70's then not much after that. I am a Rolling Stones fan from way back when and do like a lot of their recent stuff, but you cant beat timeless classics like Honky Tonk Women, Lets Spend The Night Together and Paint It Black. Never saw them when I lived in England but got to see them when they played my curent home town of Rockford, Illinois on October 10th 1981, still have the concert shirt I had made up for the occasion.

Growing up in Birmigham, England it was home to bands like The Spencer Davis Group , Slade and of course Ozzie Osbourne, plus many more very good bands. Got to meet Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin at a Slade concert and have his autograph on an English one pound note, wonder what thats worth nowadays.

I converted all of my CD collection to MP3 format a few years ago, it makes them much easier to manage on the computer and you can pack so many MP3 files onto the modern MP3 players and smart phones.

I started collecting 45 rpm records some years ago and probably have about 10,000 records plus some Albums/LP's and a few old 8 tracks too. Picked up some old record players, record cases, 8 track players, etc. along the way. Maybe when I retire I will sort the collection as I have not got too far into it yet. I also have two jukeboxes, a working Rowe/AMI (look closely at the Rowe/AMI pic for a little surprise) and a Rock-Ola Capri 100 that needs some work.

In the words of Mr Mick Jagger...........
But if you try sometimes, you just might get what you need.